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The Soul of A Woman

by Isabel Allende

$22.99 Hardcover

»» Fiercely independent since her earliest years, Isabel Allende is an emblem of strength and empowerment for women worldwide. The Soul of A Woman is her latest work, a memoir in which Allende’s nature is laid bare in therapeutic, empowering fashion.

The driving force of Allende’s action is anger, a ‘rage’ that others around her viewed as abnormal or diagnosed as a result of some deeper lying malady. In truth, Allende was (and still is) justifiably upset at the oppressive, abusive and limiting nature of patriarchal society. Having witnessed her mother’s difficulties, Allende was simply fighting back, fighting for rights and opportunity, fighting for her mother, for herself, for future generations of women.

Allende discovered the outlet for her voice as an activist/journalist during the 1960’s, and has not looked back since. The Soul of A Woman is Allende’s origin story, a meditative continuation of her signature determination to inspire and strengthen women for generations to come.

Ride the Pink House by Dorothy B. Hughes

Reprint (American Mystery Classics)

$15.95 Paperback

»» Originally written in 1946, Ride the Pink Horse is one of Dorothy B. Hughes’ most popular works of noir-fiction. The tale is one of retribution as Sailor attempts to right perceived wrongs done to him by one Senator Douglass, all set against the cinematic backdrop of a grimy mid-century Santa Fe on the eve of Fiesta celebrations.

As Sailor finds himself with no roof over his head and little idea of how to pursue his vendetta in this ‘foreign’ town, his inherent racism and bigoted attitude is clearly exposed through his interactions with the local denizens of downtown Santa Fe.

Hughes is a master of tension, and Ride the Pink Horse is prime noir. Yet, further examination shows to what extent personal experience had in her portrayal of the racism that tourists had (and continue to exhibit) towards local populations. True, Ride the Pink Horse is set in the past, but the recent reprint shows that Hughes and her perspective are still very much applicable in the present day.

Reviews by Joel

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