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Jill Prendergast's 2023 Summer Picks

Jill Prendergast is our resident poet, cafe manager and an avid reader. These are Jill's picks for your enjoyment in the last days of the summer heat.

By combining hard science with historical quips, humorous anecdotes, myth, and even lyrical

poetry, Pretor-Pinney has written a quintessential guide to all things Cloud. Bring this book on your next flight (be sure to snag the window seat). Pairs well with pub conversation or a park picnic date. A ten-hour road trip through Nebraska? Better keep this on the dash. You'll find yourself looking up in more ways than one.

Monsters: A Fan's Dilemma. Claire Dederer, 2023. $28

This is the book that needed to be written; A toolbox for vindicated reasoning. Dederer pinpoints the exact ambiguous discomfort in the dangers of binary-thinking relating not only to art, but moral judgement on a broad spectrum. In the season of cancellation, these essays allow room for self-reflection, wit, and vulnerability. Dederer has placed herself in the hot seat, helping us all challenge assumptions and relocate convictions.

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