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A Note from Dorothy Massey, owner of Collected Works Bookstore



We continue to follow the instructions of Governor Lujan Grisham, and we will be closed until further notice. We will not be taking phone orders, doing curbside delivery, and fulfilling online shopping orders. We will continue to update you all as things change. *NEW* We now are able to offer gift certificates for purchase online, or by calling the store (505) 988-4226

 For the immediate future we will not be hosting any live readings in the store.  We are offering online readings with various authors. We are giving our previously scheduled authors the option to reschedule their events for later in the spring or summer or do a VIRTUAL BOOK EVENT, via ZOOM, which we will also stream live on our Facebook page.  Please visit our Events Page for updated information about each event and information for how to log on to our Virtual Book Readings.


Stay safe and healthy! Together we can continue to be a supportive and creative community.

If you've missed any of our online, virtual readings click here to find recordings of them

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Poetry of the People
Janet Ruth and Deborah Casillas
About Collected Works
Santa Fe's Oldest Locally Owned Bookstore

Collected Works is a full-service general bookstore that has served the Santa Fe community for over 40 years. Our large selection of local travel, Southwest and Native American history, art and architecture books, are complimented by all genres of novels, poetry, and children's books - many by New Mexico authors. We are proud to be the global distributor of Forrest Fenn books. 


We are located on the corner of Galisteo & Water Street in downtown Santa Fe, just blocks from the historic Plaza. Our coffeehouse features organic, locally-roasted coffee from Iconik Coffee Roasters, plus pastries and light fare.


Owner, Dorothy Massey and our booksellers hope to see you in the store soon!