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Jo Fisher's 2023 Summer Picks

One of CW's longest working booksellers who is beloved by all who know her, Jo Fisher has chosen these Summer book picks to tempt you into the store.

THE CLOISTERS, Katy Hays, 2022, paperback, $17.99

Even if you have never been to the Met’s Cloisters Museum in New York, you will be drawn into the collision of the medieval, the modern and murder. Academic obsessions, arcane relics, poisonous plants and scheming scholars make this a perfect page turner for summer.

This instant New York Times bestseller follows a group of researchers uncovering a mysterious deck of tarot cards and shocking secrets in New York’s famed Met Cloisters.

Two time Oscar winner, perennial movie mainstay Hanks is also an engaging writer. His first novel is a loving tribute to the people who make the movies appear on screen, not only the actors, but every participant from the drivers and crafts people on up. The thrills and difficulties of making a Marvel-like movie interlace with the backstories. If you’ve ever wondered what movie people do all day, you will learn and enjoy the process.

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