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An Indian Among Los Indigenas: A Native Travel Memoir by Ursula Pike

$26.00 Hardcover

»» Upon returning home from a two-year stint volunteering in Bolivia with the Peace Corps, Ursula Pike needed to process an experience that was not quite what she had expected. Using her personal journals, photographs and reconstructed conversations, Pike recounts those years in South America with honest introspection in her newly published memoir, An Indian Among Los Indigenas.

As an Indigenous woman from the US, Pike sought connection and belonging, some semblance of self-identity in a white-washed society. Signing on to volunteer in Bolivia, Pike wanted to help other Indigenous peoples, assuming that there would be connection between her and the local communities she would be living in.

An Indian Among Los Indigenas does an extraordinary job illustrating how the narrative of service workers (volunteers) and those who are ‘helped’ is not as straightforward as we might like to think. Pike’s memoir is singularly unique in scope and subject, a perceptive, reflective Indigenous memoir that sticks with you long after reading.

When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain

$28.00 Hardcover

»» A tight, psychological thriller from NYT Bestselling author Paula McLain, When the Stars Go Dark follows missing persons Detective Anna Hart as she copes with personal tragedies past and present while working an intensely emotional case.

When personal tragedy strikes, a drained Hart is sent into an emotional tailspin and retreats to Mendocino to mourn in solitude. Yet, almost immediately she finds herself involved in a missing persons case.

This particular case strikes close to home for Hart, unearthing memories and thrusting past disappearances into a new light. As past and present threads intertwine, Anna’s methodology illustrates the importance of psychology with respect to both the victim and the perpetrator. Truly fascinating, original work from McLain adding new depth to the thriller genre.

Reviews by Joel

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