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Hardcover Grab Bag!

The Five Wounds

by Kristin Valdez Quade

$26.95 Hardcover

Signed Copies Available!

»» A mesmerizing portrait of a Northern New Mexican family, The Five Wounds is impossible to put down. The cadence of Norteño linguistics flows off the page with ease, and the faith, tradition and culture so particularly unique to these communities are depicted with an honest familiarity and refreshing accuracy. Quade’s writing envelopes the senses and elicits all the emotions.

The Bomber Mafia

by Malcolm Gladwell

$27.00 Hardcover

»» Fascination with WWII military history driven by memories of youth, The Bomber Mafia is Malcolm Gladwell’s latest work. A self-described ‘obsessive’, Gladwell dives to the deepest depths in his various explorations, and this latest foray is no exception. The Bomber Mafia combines a focused historical study with Gladwell’s patented enthusiasm and the result is an accessible look at a unique slice of aviation history.


by Isabel Wilkerson

$32.00 Hardcover

»» The opening salvo of Caste hits hard, as it should, for these are not times to take lightly. The state of (democracy in) America is at a crossroads, and Pulitzer winner Isabel Wilkerson’s latest work Caste could be a defining work of the early 21st Century. The necessity to look within is immediate, in order to understand how racism affects all aspects of society. Ignorance is not an excuse, and Wilkerson’s Caste makes sure of that.

The Glass Constellation

by Arthur Sze

$35.00 Hardcover

»» Arthur Sze is a local treasure, National Book Award Winner and Santa Fe Poet Laureate, to list just a few of his accomplishments. The Glass Constellation collects over five decades worth of Sze’s poetry and musings, both new and previously published. An exquisite evolutionary work from one of the nation’s master poets.

The Bird Way

by Jennifer Ackerman

$28.00 Hardcover

»» Acclaimed science writer Jen Ackerman returns to the aviary arena with The Bird Way, an examination of the hidden intelligence behind the ‘way of the bird’ in both necessary and playful activities. Ackerman’s globe-spanning experiences of scientific discovery and her joyful immersion in the awesomeness of the natural world are a pleasure to partake in.

Reviews by Joel

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