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Classic Works Hit the Public Domain + New Y/A Reads!


Readers Rejoice! The literary universe is experiencing a boon of sorts as a plethora of classic works reach the limit of their extended copyright protections. The 1920’s was one of the most prolific publishing periods in literary history, and as the copyrights end, these works enter public domain.

This opens the proverbial gates for publishers and artists, who will now be able to re-issue and re-imagine some of the most well-known titles in the American canon. 2021 features some serious heavyweights: Mrs. Dalloway (Woolf), The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald), In Our Time (Hemingway) and The Trial (Kafka) headline the list.

Collected Works is proud to be your source for these literary works, with multiple titles available from these classic authors. Books are available for curbside pick-up today, or we can ship to you! Shop online or call us at 505-988-4226 and we’ll get you that literary fix.

New Y/A Reviews:

Santiago’s Road Home

by Alexandra Diaz

$17.99 Hardcover

»» Santa Fe resident Alexandra Diaz tackles the brutal reality of immigration in her latest work, Santiago’s Road Home.

Fleeing an abusive home life, Santiago dares to hope when he joins a small group of people trying to get to El Norte. Once across the border however, Santiago finds himself in the contemporary nightmare that has unfortunately become the standard; being held in I.C.E. custody at a detention center for underage immigrants.

Diaz does a tremendous job conveying the hopelessness, inhumane treatment, and overall struggle of those who are just trying to find a better life. In a world where family separation is the norm, where the bureaucracy is driven by racism rather than a desire to help, authors such as Diaz, and books such as Santiago’s Road Home are more important than ever.

Fire Keeper’s Daughter

by Angeline Boully

$18.99 Hardcover

»» Angeline Boully ruminated, researched, and developed Fire Keeper’s Daughter for close to 10 years before submitting it to publishers for consideration; this is, above all, a deeply personal work.

Denise Fountaine is a 18-year old, mixed Ojibwe woman whose plans to study medicine at University are put on the back burner after the death of a family member. Accepting that she’ll be around for another year, Denise enrolls at the local community college, and finds herself falling for a handsome young man who has just moved to the area. Simultaneously, Denise’s community is facing multiple tragedies related to a new strain of meth that is coursing through the population. Soon enough, Denise finds herself deeply involved in an FBI operation to determine the source of this new, deadly strain of drug that is tearing her people apart.

Immaculately researched, Fire Keeper’s Daughter does not shy away from the harsher realities facing Indigenous communities; the disproportionate amount of violence directed towards Indigenous women, deep-rooted social inequality and drug abuse just to name a few. A deep love and respect for her heritage is the foundation for Angeline Boully’s debut novel, a powerful work that transcends the Y/A genre.

Reviews by Joel

Books are in stock at the bookstore, you can order online or call us at (505) 988-4226.

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