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Springtime Storybooks for Children!

And Then It’s Spring by June Fogliano & Erin E. Stead (Illus.)

$18.99 Kids Hardcover

Ages 4-7

»» The wait for the green of spring can seem eternal when caught in the brown doldrums of fall and winter. Julie Fogliano and Erin Stead have captured this sentiment perfectly in And Then It’s Spring, a sweet story about a young boy and his who just can’t wait for winter to be over.

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes & Laura Dronzek (Illus.)

$8.99 Kids Paperback

Ages 4-8

»» When Spring Come puts seasonal transformation on full display. Each page reveals a part of the changes that occur when spring comes, deftly illustrated and sure to build the excitement of the new season.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson & Tiphanie Beeke (Illus.)

$7.99 Kids Paperback

Ages 4-8

»» Fletcher the fox is worried, the weather is warm, flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping! But, suddenly Fletcher sees now-like flakes coming from the orchard! Worried that winter has not actually left, Fletcher races to warn his friends. When they find the source of the ‘snow’, Fletcher and his buds are in for a wonderful surprise! Spring is truly sprung!

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

$18.99 Kids Hardcover

Ages 3-5

»» Young rabbit Hoppi is finally old enough to join in the fun and make an egg for the Easter Bunny! Hoppi is a little overwhelmed, and must go to great lengths to find the perfect egg with the hopes of having the Best Egg of all. Full of exquisite illustration and magical creatures.

Birdsong by Julie Flett

$17.95 Kids Hardcover

Ages 3-8

»» Indigenous author/illustrator Julie Flett tells the story of a young girl, Katherena, who is moving to a new home on a grey, rainy spring day. As the seasons change, lonesome Katherena becomes friends with her neighbor Agnes, who is wise in her old age and solitude. A beautiful story with powerful imagery and knowledge, Birdsong captures a beauty that is hard to find these days.

Reviews by Joel

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