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Under a White Sky: The Future of Nature by Elizabeth Kolbert

$28.00 Hardcover

Pulitzer winner Elizabeth Kolbert (The Sixth Extinction) returns with her latest science odyssey. Under the White Sky continues Kolbert’s discussion and exploration of the changed (and changing) face of our planet, and what we might be able to do to help after centuries of destruction.

Deep into our (self-inflicted) climate crisis, the solutions aren’t necessarily clear, nor are they without their failings. But, there is an immense (and hopeful) amount of invention and experimentation going on in the name of protecting our natural habitat. What is needed is a monumental change, wherein we start thinking and experimenting like crazy on a global level; from backyard experimentation to corporate scientific endeavors. Our outcome depends on aspiring to change, re-adjust and redirect the negative alterations we have caused already, alterations that have degraded our planet and climate to a point of imminent collapse.

Review by Joel

The Scorpion’s Tail by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

$29.00 Hardcover

Signed Copies available upon request

The second installment of the Nora Kelly and Corrie Swanson series finds the Archaeologist/FBI agent duo investigating an exhumed corpse that points to foul play. When Kelly finds indications of a past hidden treasure, the real hunt begins.

Inspired by legends, real-life treasure hunts and those who hunt them, Scorpion’s Tail is a suspenseful ride through New Mexico’s land and history. Kelly and Swanson are intriguing and beyond capable, signifying the beginnings of what is sure to be a lengthy series from Preston and Child starring these two strong female leads.

Review by Joel

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