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Go West! by Joel Nakamura

Santa Fe resident Joel Nakamura is known for his vibrant, wide-ranging artistic styles and talent. If you’ve ever stopped in at Harry’s Roadhouse south of town, then you’re lucky enough to have observed a small slice of his colorful aesthetic.

Go West is Nakamura’s first illustrated book for children, and is a folk-art inspired homage to the land where he and his family live. Out here–on this side of the Mississippi river–the skies stretch on forever and the tales are of the tallest order. Cowgirls wear rocket-propelled boots and rocks tell stories of legends past.

Nakamura’s illustrations perfectly capture what makes the West so endlessly mysterious and wild. From the slowness of a summer’s day to the heat of a real chile pepper, Go West is the perfect invitation to let the imagination run as wild as a roadrunner.

There’s magic out here in the West, and Joel Nakamura invites you to come experience it.

Review by Joel

$17.95 Kid's Hardcover

Ages 3+

Go West! is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.

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