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Botanicum by Kathy Willis, Katie Scott (Illustrator)

Penguin Random House’s ‘Welcome to the Museum’ series gives children access to beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully curated ‘exhibits’ that span the natural world and the skies above. Each volume is dedicated to a specific natural area of study, and this week’s pick, Botanicum, is an illustrated adventure through the strange and wonderful kingdom of plants! It’s easy to forget that without plant life, humans don't exist. Plants create and clean the air we breathe, provide us with food, medicine and materials that we use every day.

From the smallest single-celled organisms to the tallest, mightiest Redwood tree, plants grow in almost every habitat on earth. They grow in salt water and in fresh, abundant jungles and sparse, dry deserts. No one truly knows how many species of plants there are, but educated estimates say that around 500,000 different plant species live on our amazing planet, and scientists discover new ones every day!.

Botanicum is more than just a museum exhibit published in book form. It transports you from the first microscopic algae to expansive fields of wheat to dense, tropical jungles teeming with life. The illustrations from Katie Scott are–as I have come to expect from this series–magnificent and captivating. Continuing her work from Animalium (previously reviewed), the imagery is bright and finely detailed. Seriously, you want to frame these illustrations and mount them on your wall they're that good.

Botanicum is perfect for the green-thumb, the flora and fauna lover, the earth-guardian, the inquisitive mind. Perfect for advanced readers and families who love all things verdant and want to learn more!

Review by Joel

$35.00 Kid's Hardcover

Ages 8-12

Grades 3-7

Botanicum is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.

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