What It's Like to Be a Bird by David Allen Sibley

For the Ornithologists out there (both casual and professional), this is a treasure trove of knowledge and illustration from one of the world’s biggest contemporary names in the birding world. David Allen Sibley is recognized worldwide for his publishing of regional birding guides, as well as his advocacy on behalf of–and general love for–all things avian.

Following in some footsteps of epic proportion, Sibley’s illustrations have always evoked other artists/naturalists/scientists such as Peterson and Audubon. What It’s Like to Be a Bird is chock full of beautiful Sibley’s striking representations, but takes this aspect of his previous work to another level as the artistic representations in this specific edition have almost all been printed life-size.

Focusing on the more common and familiar species, there is in-depth knowledge with companion illustrations, sure, but this is more than just an encyclopedic reference-type book with pictures. It is a well thought-out compendium that not only explains bird behavior in-depth, but also tries to answer the ‘why’ of such behavior from an educational but not overly technical standpoint. The gorgeous artwork is much more than colorful distraction, providing the perfect compliment to Sibley’s text. It is a wondrous experience to see Sibley’s naturalist, scientific and artistic minds unify as they do in What It’s Like to Be A Bird.

Reviewed by Joel

$35.00 Hardcover

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