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The Overstory by Richard Powers

The latest Pulitzer-winning novel from Richard Powers, The Overstory is immense. Immense in its scope and beauty, in its thoughtfulness, in its ability to cause the reader to pause and reflect. As an avid book-lover, it is a very worthwhile undertaking.

The Overstory weaves together the patient wisdom of the natural world with the brevity of human existence. This is a novel that spans generations, contemplating the vastness and complexity of nature through time. Yet, it is also a human meditation on love and loss, on triumph and failure, on family and legacy.

This collection of familial histories urges a connection with the natural world that is physically so close, yet still hidden and distant from us in terms of meaning and value. The human experience cannot compare to the scale of time and magnitude on which the natural world operates, and as a result we take for granted that which surrounds us. Yet, The Overstory shows the immeasurable beauty that comes from a more thoughtful, observant existence.

The Overstory and books like it are critical now more than ever to instill the sense of duty and wonder that we owe to our natural surroundings.

Review by Joel

$18.95 soft cover

The Overstory is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at

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