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Light, Landscape and the Creative Quest: Early Artists of Santa Fe by Stacia Lewandowski

Stacia Lewandowski’s books make a part of Santa Fe’s history accessible even to the most casual visitor. Learn about some of Santa Fe’s original artists, their inspirations, and how they influenced the community as a whole.

There are innumerable reasons why Santa Fe is an amazing place. One of the most prominent is the richly expansive creative microcosm that exists here. Artists have, for generations, flocked here to partake in the magic and inspiration our beautiful land provides.

Author Stacia Lewandowski has created a beautiful written history of the area’s artistic adventurers during the early 20th century. Using personal stories and examples of art from each artist profiled, Light, Landscape and the Creative Quest provides a unique and personal perspective into why artistic souls feel such magnetism to the desert southwest, and Santa Fe in particular. Artists didn’t just move here to isolate, they became integral parts of their community, creating institutions and celebrations that still thrive today. This is a fantastic look at how Santa Fe transformed from a sleepy, dusty town to the artistic mecca it is known to be.

There is a small companion book tucked inside the front cover titled Walking in the Path of the Artists as well. Taking Lewandowski’s historical pursuit one step further, it provides self-guided walking tours through Santa Fe’s historic neighborhoods that contain the homes of the artists profiled in Light, Landscape and the Creative Quest.

Review by Joel


Light, Landscape and The Creative Quest is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226

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