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Jill's Poetry Picks

Our motto this season is Shop Early, Ship Early! We are not able to guarantee delivery for the Holidays on any orders placed AFTER November 30th. So please be sure to get your orders in to ensure Happy Holidays for all the readers on your lists!

Here are some of bookseller Jill's favorite poetry picks to cozy up with next to the fireplace !

I HOPE THIS FINDS YOU WELL, Kate Baer, Paperback, 2021 $16. An incredible collection of erasure poems created from notes Baer received from social media followers and detractors—reclaiming the vitriol from online trolls to transform what is ugly or painful in their own lives into something beautiful. NEW POETS OF NATIVE NATIONS, edited by Heid E. Erdrich, paperback, 2021 $20. Poets of diverse ages, styles, languages, and tribal affiliations to present the extraordinary range and power of new Native poetry. Coming up after Joy Harjo and Sherman Alexie; long narratives, political outcries, experimental works, and traditional lyrics. MERCURIAL, Jill Prendergast, Paperback, 2021, $16. A vignette of "proestry" that ruminates on healing after loss in the forms of statistical facts, middle0-America observations, and family loyalty definitions. NIGHT SKY WITH EXIT WOUNDS, Ocean Vuong, Paperback, 2021, $16. “Stars. Or rather, the drains of heaven – waiting. Little holes. Little centuries opening just enough for us to slip through.” PLAYLIST FOR THE APOCALYPSE, Rita Dove, Hardcover, 2020, $26.95. From the NY times review: It’s about the weight of American history, which Dove treats as news we’re still actively metabolizing. It’s about mortality. This book is the first time the poet has publicly acknowledged that she has — and has had for more than 20 years — a form of multiple sclerosis.

DEATH OF SITTING BEAR, N. Scott Momaday. Hardcover,2020, $22. Impactful and full of raw brevity. A must read from one of CW's beloved poets.

MY DARLING, FROM THE LIONS, Rachel Long, Paperback, 2021, $18. Told in three sections, it’s a book about growing up, falling in love with not-great men, and girlhood; a collection that speaks to femininity, divinity, familial shame, Black identity, and modern culture NATURE POEM, Tommy Pico, Paperback, 2017, $18 (writer for the new Netflix series RESERVATION DOGS). "Teebs"gradually learns how to interpret constellations through his own lens, along with human nature, sexuality, language, music, and Twitter. Even while he reckons with manifest destiny and genocide and centuries of disenfranchisement, he learns how to have faith in his own voice. WHAT IS OTHERWISE INFINITE, Bianca Stone, Paperback, 2021,$16 (Ruth Stone's granddaughter) Incisive and vivid lyrical language, Bianca Stone’s What is Otherwise Infinite considers how we find our place in the world through themes of philosophy, religion, environment, myth, and psychology. “I deal only in the hardest pain-revivers, symbols and tongues,” writes Stone. “I want to tell you only / in the intimacy of our discomfort.” APPLICATION FOR RELEASE FROM THE DREAM, Tony Hoagland, Paperback, 2015, $16 “ . . . we need [poetry’s] plaintive truth-telling about the human condition and its imaginative exhibitions of linguistic freedom, [ . . . ] We need its previews of coming attractions: heartbreak, survival, failure, endurance, understanding, more heartbreak.”

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