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Earth Keeper: Reflections on the American Land by N. Scott Momaday

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My father was there when he was a boy. He told me of it. And I was there’

Such are the sentiments found in Earth Keeper, sentiments that exemplify the wisdom of N. Scott Momaday and his deep respect for memory, mythology and connection to his ancestral land.

Earth Keeper emphasizes this physical and spiritual connection through a series of literary snapshots; some are Momaday’s personal experiences, others are stories that have been passed down generationally. Tradition, remembrance and mythology all resonate deeply, and Momaday’s storytelling perfectly illustrates the importance of respecting what has come before.

Momaday’s words are transfixing and powerfully connective, his legacy as keeper and passer-on of oral and written storytelling is important now more than ever. Earth Keeper is a blessing, a plea, a profound meditation that deserves your attention.

Review by Joel

$17.99 Hardcover

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