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Dinosaurium by Lily Murray, Chris Wormell (Illustrator)

Penguin Random House’s ‘Welcome to the Museum’ series gives children access to beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully curated ‘exhibits’ that span the natural world and the skies above. Each volume is dedicated to a specific natural area of study, and this week’s pick, Dinosaurium, is a gigantic Jurassic adventure!

From heavyweights like the T. Rex and Triceratops to smaller less well known dinos, Dinosaurium brims with exquisite illustrations from Chris Wormell (who has worked on other titles in this series). The sharpest fangs and widest wingspans are vividly brought to life on each page, giving a unique vibrance to the giants who once roamed Earth.

With each new fossil discovery, scientists are able to further understand not only the many different types of dinosaurs that once lived, but they also learn vital information about the history of the planet itself. Dinosaurium starts its exhibit all the way back on what’s known at Pangaea, the unified landmass that existed before what we know today as the continents broke apart. Follow along over 175 million years of Earth’s history as Dinosaurium explores, educates and ignites further interest in the magnificent and diverse Dino kingdom and our beautiful planet’s history!

Review by Joel

$35.00 Kid's Hardcover

Ages 8-12

Grades 3-7

Dinosaurium is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.


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