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An Onion In My Pocket by Deborah Madison

Vegetable Goddess (and beloved local) Deborah Madison’s latest is a sumptuous memoir, chronicling her life as she changed the landscape of American gastronomy by revolutionizing the way we cook and eat vegetables. An Onion In My Pocket is also a food history, a delightful combination of Madison’s personal journey mixed with a deep love and knowledge for food, vegetables/fruits in particular.

From her early culinary exploration in the San Francisco area, to founding restaurants to immersing herself in Zen, Madison finds nourishment for both body and soul. Her stories are as delicious as her vast catalogue of published recipes, and her love of local, sustainable food culture is an inspiration. We are so lucky to have her in our community, and definitely check out her other titles that we have in stock!

Review by Joel

$26.95 Hardcover

Signed Copies Available!

An Onion In My Pocket is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.

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