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The Belonging Tree by Maryann Cocca-Leffler & Kristine A. Lombardi (Illustrator)

Life is great for the Gray squirrel family of Forest Lane. Their neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. Everything is perfect, even if life is a little quiet and monotonous.

But, this peacefulness does not last long. As the seasons change, new animal families start to move into the neighborhood, and Pa squirrel is not a happy camper. The new bird family is loud and noisy, the chipmunks steal acorns, and the beavers just destroy everything! In contrast to Pa’s dour, isolating demeanor, young Zeke loves his new neighbors, becoming friends with them and seeing the wonder of inclusivity and diversity.

The Belonging Tree snubs its nose to those who think children’s books should not address relevant social topics. This is a testament to the power of acceptance and unity. As Pa squirrel comes to realize, the neighborhood is only perfect WITH the addition of the other animals!

Review by Joel

$18.95 Kid's Hardcover

Ages 3-6

The Belonging Tree is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.

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