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The 99% Invisible City by Roman Mars & Kurt Kohlstedt

If you’re familiar with the ‘99% Invisible’ podcast, kudos, it’s one of the most unique shows on the airwaves today. For the uninitiated, the broadcast show is the ultimate nerdfest, and that is said with the utmost respect. Creator and host Roman Mars is all about looking at the world through the eyes of design, architecture and interaction. The vast majority of what we encounter daily passes by unseen, and Mars not only wants to bring these delightful, insightful elements to our attention, he wants us to understand their meanings and importance. Seriously, how cool is that?

Using his established platform, Mars has published The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design, a stunning tome co-authored by Kurt Kohlstedt. Part history, part aesthetic dream, this is a truly unique work that delves into the history and thought behind the design and infrastructure of our civilization.

Review by Joel

$30.00 Hardcover

The 99% Invisible City is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.

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