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Santa Fe Noir by Ariel Gore

Call it a spiritual vortex, or whatever term best fits your sensibilities. Regardless of the verbiage, no one can argue that Santa Fe offers anything other than a completely DIFFERENT experience to each and every one of us lucky enough to call it home. Whether one feels positively or negatively about this town, there is no question that it affects each of us strongly. Some of us stick around, others don’t, but we all have ‘Santa Fe’ stories that have defined our time here.

Santa Fe Noir, edited by local author Ariel Gore, is a fantastic, fantastical collection of thriller-esque short stories that courses through Santa Fe’s neighborhoods and barrios. A proper blend of distinctly unique voices and noir-leaning folklore, Gore has compiled a mix of local contributors that would make any literati drool. Jimmy Santiago Baca, Ana Castillo, Miriam Sagan –as well as many other strong voices from the community– all contribute new work. We are truly fortunate to have such talent surround us.

Whether you are just passing through, just relocated, or are descended from a multi-generational familial institution, it is impossible not to be intrigued by the darker corners of Santa Fe’s local mythology. Some of these tales are common knowledge, true. But there are also very personal experiences that border on the spiritual and other-worldly. The stories in Santa Fe Noir are the finest examples of such story-telling; personal, tender, violent, and human. Reviewed by Joel

$15.95 Trade Paperback

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