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Resist! Peaceful Acts That Changed Our World by Diane Stanley

Activism has manifested itself in many ways throughout history. Local author Diane Stanley’s latest children’s book Resist, focuses less on momentous conflicts, instead choosing to highlight the peaceful luminaries that have affected true cultural and political change.

From Harriet Tubman to modern-day environmental savior Greta Thunberg to the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RIP), this collection of 21 essays introduces young readers to some of the peaceful yet potent activists and the actions they took that shaped the world we now live in.

There is a rich cultural tapestry flowing through these pages, further enhanced by the accompanying artistic profiles. Each historical figure in Resist fought (or is currently fighting) for the betterment of humanity through nonviolent, progressive platforms and messaging. Each of these individuals contributed positively to society, and it is truly stunning to realize how much each of these actions has influenced our daily lives, interactions and cultural inclinations.

Diane Stanley is the perfect author/illustrator for this project; her library of published children’s literature is vast. Driven by a personal love for learning and educating in pretty much every subject there is, Stanley’s works range from biography to fairy-tale retellings to full novels. Resist is a fitting addition to her canon, and a must for any young reader’s bookshelf!

Review by Joel

$18.99 Children's Hardcover

Ages 7-10

Grades 2-5

Resist! is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.


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