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Oak Flat by Lauren Redniss

‘In 1995, a body of copper ore was discovered in Southeastern Arizona, on the edge of the mining region known as the Copper Corridor.’ - Oak Flat

This sacred, stunning slice of country has another name, Oak Flat, and it is one of the most holy sites for the San Carlos Apache Nation.

So, it was only a matter of time before the world’s two largest mining conglomerates joined forces to try and exploit and destroy Oak Flat for the vast mineral resources that lie below with a technique known as ‘block-caving’. Simply put, they would extract from under the surface (as opposed to an open pit mine, raising temperatures and fracturing the integrity of the earth, content to allow the land to implode on itself after.

Author/Illustrator Lauren Redniss’ unique graphic non-fiction is the perfect medium to present the immediacy of this situation. Her combination of stark visuals and strong research-including interviews and quotes from Nation members and activists to local law enforcement and U.S. Senators-is both comprehensive and horrifying.

This is something that is happening now, environmental reviews are being expedited and time is running out. Don’t be ignorant, we can all do something to protect our land!

Review by Joel

$30.00 Hardcover

Oak Flat is in stock at the bookstore, you can order it online or call us at (505) 988-4226.


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