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Mystery Movember at Collected Works WEEK 1: For Fans of Girl On the Train

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins $16.00 Paperback

Dark secrets rise from the murky depths in Into the Water, the latest work from Paula Hawkins, author of Girl On the Train.

Force of Nature by Jane Harper $17.99 Paperback

A corporate retreat goes awry, and a group trust exercise turns into a criminal investigation. Force of Nature will have you hooked from the first pages.

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty $17.99 Paperback

Glamour provides the perfect distraction for sinister machinations in 9 Perfect Strangers. A cocktail of colorful characters and eerie suspense from one of the genre’s best.

The Next To Die by Sophie Hannah $16.99 Paperback

A serial killer is on the loose, and investigators are stumped until they catch what could be the break they need. The Next to Die is a thrilling puzzle that keeps you guessing.

Pieces of Her by Karen Slaughter $16.99 Paperback

A daughter’s world is shattered after her mother’s previous life comes to light in Karen Slaughter’s Pieces of Her, a taut thriller that jumps between past and present in a small town on the Georgia coast.

The Woman In the Window by A.J. Finn $16.99 Paperback

The Woman In the Window will make you question what is real and what your mind imagines. A voyeuristic, pulse-raising debut entry into the crime/thriller genre from author A.J. Finn,

The Likeness by Tana French $17.00 Paperback

In the sequel to her bestseller In the Woods, Tana French’s heroine Cassie Maddox is called upon to solve another mystery, and this time it’s a little more personal.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng $17.00 Paperback

The familiar neighborhood dynamic is disrupted when a free-spirited mother and daughter move to town. Little Fires Everywhere is full of suspicious neighbors and protective mothers, each of them with their own agenda.

Reviews by Joel

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