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A Mixed Bag of Hardcovers

DUSK, NIGHT, DAWN by Anne LaMott, Hardcover, non-fiction 2021, $20.00. In dark, uncertain times, many of us are looking for hope and guidance. In her 12th nonfiction book, LaMott acknowledges current times. With her usual humor and empathy, she shows us that fear and despair are parts of our reality, but “Friends save us, service to others saves us. Books, nature and community save us.” “Dusk, Night, Dawn” is the warm reassurance we need.

WE BEGIN AT THE END by Chris Whitaker, Hardcover, fiction 2021, $27.99. Any book blurbed by Louise Penny is worth checking out! Mystery, character study, coming of age story, this novel’s intricate plot veers from coastal California to Montana. Although the 13 year old protagonist occasionally seems wise and profane beyond her age, this modern Scout Finch commands the narrative, and the twists are unpredictable and harrowing. A modern day western with propulsive, page-turning momentum.

BEESWING, by Richard Thompson, Hardcover, non-fiction 2021, $27.95. The word “legend” is used carelessly, but songwriter and guitarist Thompson qualifies. The founding member of Fairport Convention recounts his childhood, youth and coming of musical age during the tumult of the 1960’s and ‘70s. In this intimate memoir, Thompson’s creative intensity propels his way to stardom, and his search for spiritual fulfillment. Recommended for fans and those who are on the road - musical or personal.

STARGAZER, by Anne Hillerman, Hardcover, fiction 2021, $27.99, Signed copies available! The 6th work in internationally acclaimed Anne Hillerman’s Leaphorn, Chee and Manuelito series is like renewing a bond with fictional friends. The characters, the alluring descriptions of the endless New Mexico landscapes, and the mystery weave together to draw us in. Navajo traditions encompass the story, as intrepid and stubborn Bernie Manuelito trusts her instincts to solve a puzzling case that goes from police headquarters to the Very Large Array stargazer.


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