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A Different Side to Hills, Birds and Wars

THE HILL WE CLIMB, by Amanda Gorman, hardcover, $15.99, 2021

At President Joseph Biden’s inauguration, 22 year old Amanda Gorman recited “The Hill We Climb” and dazzled the audience with her shining star of a poem. With a foreword by Oprah Winfrey, this poem can be read, reread and savored as it deserves. Gorman expresses our deepest wishes for a new era for our country and demonstrates how one piece of writing can magnetize its readers and listeners.

WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A BIRD, by David Allen Sibley, hardcover, $35.00, 2020

Master ornithologist Sibley adds to his series of guides that have near-biblical status for birders. Examining over 200 species, with more than 300 illustrations by the author, this coffee table book is fascinating for dedicated birders and non-birders. Common and exotic birds are described in lively, non-technical prose that educates and delights. A THOUSAND SHIPS, by Natalie Haynes, hardcover, $24.99, 2021

Engrossing portrayal of the female mortals, gods and demi-gods of the Trojan War, whose heroism is usually omitted in the well known epics. Survivors, victims and perpetrators come alive with their first person back stories of the Iliad with passion, wit and self-awareness, amplifying our knowledge of the stories we learned from Homer. As a side note, in the Iliad, Achilles sulks in his tent for the first ¾ of the Iliad and he is never portrayed as anything less than heroic, while the women are barely mentioned. We stand corrected!

Reviews by Jo Fisher

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