We are humbled, overjoyed and filled with renewed hope. THANK YOU from our entire team! Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse, Santa Fe's oldest and best locally owned independent bookstore will KEEP THE PAGES TURNING!

For those who missed it, we will release the full video recording to the public later in the Fall.

KEEP THE PAGES TURNING was hosted by our dear friend and supporter, Ali MacGraw, and featured 22 authors, poets, and cartoonists, many of whose work we have carried proudly for decades! 

The event had three simple goals: keeping your book orders fulfilled, keeping book readings for authors free, and keeping our team employed.


And we did it! 


Our deepest gratitude to each and every person who supported our event on Sunday, August 9 - our ticket sales, Adopt-a-Sections, and contributions were beyond our expectations. 

It not only provided the bookstore with much needed funding but it was a community literary evening filled with local and national iconic authors, poets, and cartoonists who shared their writings, thoughts and the most wonderful anecdotes reinforcing the importance of independent bookstores in their careers.

Collected Works Bookstore has proudly and gratefully served as our community's literary center for 42 years and we plan to be here for many years to come. Your support of this event allowed Collected Works Bookstore to continue to be YOUR independent bookstore.



Ali MacGraw (host), Ricardo Cate, Sandra  Cisneros, Lynn Cline, Bill DeBuys, Anne Hillerman, Pam Houston, Craig Johnson, Jack Loeffler, Deborah Madison, Jill Momaday, Natachee  Momaday Gray, James McGrath Morris, Patrick Oliphant, Carmella Padilla, Doug Preston, Jonathan Richards, Marie Romero Cash, Artemisio Romero Y Carver, Hampton Sides, Arthur Sze, Terry Tempest Williams, Don Usner.

To read more about each person, please click on the images below.


Keep the Pages Turning

Produced by Cecile Lipworth

Co-Produced by Carrie McCarthy

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