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Every Sunday at 11am, for over 13 years, Journey Santa Fe has offered weekly community conversations on the issues of New Mexico - the who, what, when and why of New Mexico politics, laws and legislation,  green technology, investigative journalism, education, water and the environment,  human rights, women’s and children’s rights and the arts. It supports those individuals and groups trying to find positive solutions to the challenges we face in New Mexico. 

The coordinating group includes Program Director Melissa Williams, Program Coordinators Miranda Viscoli, Co-President New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence; Andy Otto, Executive Director Santa Fe Watershed Association, Seth Roffman, Editor Green Fire Times, Treasurer Ada Browne from The Alliance for Local Prosperity (formerly WeArePeopleHere); Stan Jones Journey Sponsor and Moderator ; Pat Hodapp, director of the Santa Fe Library; Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber; Kate Rollins, Web and Social Media Manager, Arturo Medrano, Journey Tech Director.  

Journey Santa Fe programs are free and open to the public. To find out more about each week's upcoming programs, please visit their website at journeysantafe.com. To present at Journey Santa Fe, please contact Melissa Williams


All Journey Santa Fe events take place at 11am

Sunday, November 3 

The Permian Basin Oil Boom’s Role in New Mexico Politics and the Global Climate Struggle 

Erik Schlenker-Goodrich, Executive Director, Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) will discuss the tensions of the oil and gas industry's revenue for the State and it's impact on the environment, and the future policy and legal landscape at both the federal and state level that will shape the development of the Permian Basin-and New Mexico’s future-for decades to come.


Sunday, November 10 

Forest Changes in Northern New Mexico: Past, Present & Climate-Driven Future

Hannah Riseley-White, NM Interstate Stream Commission / Pecos River Basin Manager & Dr. Craig D. Allen, Research Ecologist

This talk highlights the dynamic ecological history and recent trends of our forests here in the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains, drawing from abundant and diverse local ecological research studies to document forest responses to changes in climate, fire, and human land uses through time.


Sunday, November 17

Climate Change 

With Dagmar Llewellyn, Hydrologist with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation & Hannah Riseley-White, Pecos River Basin Manager
Dagmar Llewellyn is a hydrologist with an educational background in geosciences and civil engineering. Since 2010, Llewellyn has worked at Reclamation on programs authorized under the SECURE Water Act, including the West Wide Climate Risk Assessment and Basin Studies Program, as well as on Rio In 2017. Hannah Riseley-White is a native Santa Fean who recently returned after 20 years mostly working for New York City-based nonprofits, supporting community designed and implemented green space. 

Sunday, November 24 

¡Presente!: A Cross-Town Dialogue About Home, Belonging and Policy in Santa Fe

With Chris Jonas, Co-Founder of Littleglobe; Miguel Angel Acosta, Co-Director of Santa Fe’s Earth Care; Pauline Kamiyama, City of Santa Fe Arts Commission Director; and Lisa Roach, City of Santa Fe Historic Preservation Division Manager.  Discussion on the role resident testimonials can play in ensuring the culture and policymaking of Santa Fe is responsive to the needs and dreams of our town’s people, with a special focus on policy-making and residents from Santa Fe’s Airport Road Corridor.