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Every Sunday at 11am, for over 13 years, Journey Santa Fe has offered weekly community conversations on the issues of New Mexico - the who, what, when and why of New Mexico politics, laws and legislation,  green technology, investigative journalism, education, water and the environment,  human rights, women’s and children’s rights and the arts. It supports those individuals and groups trying to find positive solutions to the challenges we face in New Mexico. 

The coordinating group includes Program Director Melissa Williams, Program Coordinators Miranda Viscoli, Co-President New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence; Andy Otto, Executive Director Santa Fe Watershed Association, Seth Roffman, Editor Green Fire Times, Treasurer Ada Browne from The Alliance for Local Prosperity (formerly WeArePeopleHere); Stan Jones Journey Sponsor and Moderator ; Pat Hodapp, director of the Santa Fe Library; Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber; Kate Rollins, Web and Social Media Manager, Arturo Medrano, Journey Tech Director.  

Journey Santa Fe programs are free and open to the public. To find out more about each week's upcoming programs, please visit their website at journeysantafe.com. To present at Journey Santa Fe, please contact Melissa Williams


All Journey Santa Fe events take place at 11am

Sunday, December 1 

Ricardo Caté, Native American Cartoonist: Without Reservations Tweaks the World

Cartoonist Ricardo Caté will discuss growing up on the reservation and how his daily cartoon column, Without Reservations, resonates across cultural boundaries.


Sunday, December 8 

The Past and Future of Historic New Mexico – Case Studies in Las Vegas, Lamy and Santa Fe with Allan Affeldt

 In the past few years, Allan Affeldt and his team have restored and reopened the Plaza and Castaneda Hotels in Las Vegas NM and the Legal Tender in Lamy – projects that were long considered impossible. Now they are looking to new ventures in Santa Fe. Come hear how they did it, and what might be next!


Sunday, December 15

Representative Brian Egolf, Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives

Speaker Brian Egolf (D-47), currently serving his sixth term in the New Mexico House of Representatives, will discuss the upcoming 2020 legislative session.  He led the effort to flip control of the House from a Republican to a Democratic majority in 2016.

Sunday, December 22

Update on the Opioid Crisis in New Mexico 

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas and Executive Director of New Mexico Drug Policy Alliance Emily Kaltenbach will discuss the opioid crisis in New Mexico and provide an update on the lawsuit against opioid manufacturers.

Sunday, December 29

New Mexico Wildlife Center: Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education with Melissa Moore

Come meet a few feathered ambassador animals from the New Mexico Wildlife Center and learn from Executive Director Melissa Moore about how the center rehabilitates and releases hundreds of injured and orphaned wild animals each year. Learn about the amazing outreach and education program, how you can help, and what you can do if you find an injured wild animal.