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Natalie Goldberg and Roshi Joan Halifax - Unlock Your Creative Potential
Natalie Goldberg and Roshi Joan Halifax - Unlock Your Creative Potential

Tue, Dec 12


Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse

Natalie Goldberg and Roshi Joan Halifax - Unlock Your Creative Potential

Don't miss this inspiring event with two brilliant writers that promises to ignite your imagination and elevate your spirit. Join us and let your words flow with purpose and passion.

Date, Time & Location

Dec 12, 2023, 6:00 PM

Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse, 202 Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA

About the Event

This is an in-store event which will also be livestreamed to Zoom, register for Zoom here.

Purchase your box sets of cards from CW by calling the store to reserve them today (505) 988-4226

Join us for a transformative evening of writing and engaging conversation featuring two remarkable authors: Natalie Goldberg, renowned for her book 'Writing Down the Bones',  and now the creator of Writing Down the Bones Deck: 60 Cards to Free the Writer Within, and Roshi Joan Halifax, creator of In a Moment, in a Breath— 55 Meditations to Cultivate a Courageous Heart box-set. Discover the power of words and the depths of your inner wisdom as these two brilliant minds guide you through a journey of self-expression and self-discovery. It's a unique opportunity to nourish your creativity and cultivate a courageous heart. 

In a moment, in a breath, we can drop in and have the wherewithal to meet whatever the moment is offering.” —Roshi Joan

Paired with some of Roshi’s original calligraphy, this set of 55 cards offer short and powerful meditative practices that allow you to tune in to your natural wisdom, still the mind, and cultivate courage—in just a moment, just a breath. The cards arrive in a convenient box with a magnetic closure and include a short booklet providing context and instructions for working with the meditations.

"This is my wish for you: that you take these cards, grab the topic on one side and write, write, write . . . Remember no good or bad. Just words on the page." —Natalie Goldberg

With more than 1 million copies sold and translated into nineteen languages, Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones has inspired countless writers around the world. Now, Natalie answers one of the most frequent questions from writers: how do I begin? Right here! No matter what level. Writing Down the Bones Deck offers 60 all-new topics to awaken the mind and explore writing from fresh perspectives. Many of the topics offer multiple angles, providing inspiration again and again. Working with this deck is like a personal course with beloved writing instructor Natalie Goldberg.

About Roshi Joan Halifax

Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D. is a Buddhist teacher, Founder and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a social activist, author, and in her early years was an anthropologist at Columbia University (1964-68) and University of Miami School of Medicine (1970-72). She is a pioneer in the field of end-of-life care. She is Director of the Project on Being with Dying, and Founder of the Upaya Prison Project that develops programs on meditation for prisoners. She is also founder of the Nomads Clinic in Nepal. Her books include: The Human Encounter with Death (with Stanislav Grof); The Fruitful Darkness, A Journey Through Buddhist Practice; Simplicity in the Complex: A Buddhist Life in America; Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Wisdom in the Presence of Death; Standing at the Edge:Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet; Sophie Learns to Be Brave; and her latest work, In a Moment, In a Breath. She has been involved with the Mind and Life Institute since its inception and is founder of the Varela International Symposium.

About Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg is the author of fifteen books. Writing Down the Bones has been translated into nineteen languages. Three Simple Lines: A Writer’s Pilgrimage into the Heart and Homeland of Haiku is her latest book. For the last forty years she has practiced Zen and taught seminars in writing as a spiritual practice. She lives in northern New Mexico. Goldberg has painted for as long as she has written, and her paintings can be seen in Living Color: A Writer Paints Her World and Top of My Lungs: Poems and Paintings. They can also be viewed at the Ernesto Mayans Gallery on Canyon Road in Sante Fe. A dedicated teacher, Goldberg has taught writing and literature for the last thirty-five years. She also leads national workshops and retreats. In 2006, she completed with the filmmaker Mary Feidt a one-hour documentary, Tangled Up in Bob, about Bob Dylan’s childhood on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota.  Goldberg has been a serious Zen practitioner since 1974 and studied with Katagiri Roshi from 1978 to 1984.

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