Shared Reading Series - Reese Taylor, Nathan Brown, and Donald Levering

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 6:00pm

The Collected Works Shared Reading Series presents an evening with three talented authors.

Reese Taylor is the author of Spare, A Poetic Memoir. The overriding theme is loss, reflecting what the author felt when she lost her two closest friends to death, and also the loss of love in its myriad guises.

Nathan Brown is the author of My Sideways Heart. “In My Sideways Heart, with consummate poetic skill, Brown explores the nuances of human relationships, and he does so with a courage and emotional honesty rare in contemporary American poetry. Are the poems in this collection 'love poems'? Absolutely, but 'love poems' skillfully absent the banal excesses of sentimentality. Brown writes with the confidence and directness of an experienced poet, and his seemingly simple diction belies the hard-earned wisdom stirring deep beneath the surface of his art.” Larry D. Thomas, 2008 Texas Poet Laureate

Donald Levering, author of The Number of Names, grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and for many years has lived in Santa Fe. Levering introduces The Number of Names by referring to the mystical texts of the Kabbalah. “In it, we learn that God creates the world through numbers and letters, rearranging them in infinite combinations to make new things come into being.“