Joy Jones: The Last Madam, A Legend of the Texas Chicken Ranch

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 6:00pm

The Chicken Ranch, as many in Texas remember, was a brothel located in a rural setting outside the town of La Grange. This invincible brothel’s 144 years of continuous business achieved something close to respectability, despite the nature of its trade. The Chicken Ranch was a remarkable phenomenon - a notable piece of Texas history. This brothel was shut down abruptly when Marvin Zindler’s TV coverage in the summer of 1973 forced the last madam, Edna Milton, to lock the front door forever.

This sudden and highly publicized event fit with the rest of Edna Milton’s life. Born to poverty in Oklahoma; forced into marriage at sixteen to an abusive husband, and death of the only man she would ever love and his baby forces the beautiful but uneducated Edna into a life of prostitution in Galveston, TX.  Now with the closing of the Chicken Ranch, at the age of 45, she must once again find her next life. Edna discovers that divorcing her past and reinventing herself takes more than a change of geography and job description. Finally, men as learning experiences.

"The Last Madam, A Legend of the Texas Chicken Ranch, is the scintillating story of one of Texas’ most provocative, certainly one of the state’s most colorful characters, of the 20th century." ~

Mary Elizabeth Goldman, Bestselling Author of To Love and Die in Dallas