The Jambo Café Cookbook: My Journey from Africa to America Book signing and tasting with Chef Ahmed Obo

Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 6:00pm

 The long-anticipated cookbook from acclaimed Chef Ahmed Obo and the award-winning Jambo Café in Santa Fe, New Mexico came out in 2016!  Part memoir and part cookbook, Chef  Ahmed shares 70 recipes including traditional Swahili fare, Jambo Café favorites, and completely new creations. The Jambo Café Cookbook reveals a glimpse into the man, the chef, the  philanthropist, and his influences and philosophies. Here are mouth-watering traditional Swahili recipes sharing the plate with Swahili comfort and street food with contemporary twists to  tantalize the discerning palate.

 More than just a cookbook, The Jambo Café Cookbook is a testament to Ahmed Obo’s conviction that anything is possible—with the right mix of creativity, drive, and imagination. This 160  page book is a personal journey with Chef Ahmed, featuring some of his own photography, images of his homeland, and the sources of his inspiration. It is an indispensable guide for the  home cook and, at the same time, a remarkable resource for the serious cook or professional seeking the how and why of Chef Ahmed’s unique blend of spicy yet savory flavors and  creative yet comforting cooking process.