The Instituto Cervantes & Collected Works Present: The Final Concert- Music of the Oppressed: Flamenco in Historical Context

Sunday, November 26, 2017 - 6:30pm

This five-week informative, interactive coure that has illustrated flamenco culture, will culminate in a concert featuring singer Fernando Barros, guitarist and oud player Carlos Lomas and Devo Bryant on medievil perucssion

The concert is free to all attended the whole course. Otherwise it is $20 per person. For registration, payment and any other additional information, contact the Instituto Cervantes at (505) 724-4777 or send an email.

Fernando Barros is a published author, historian, composer and singer. His exhaustive research in both Spain and the U.S. has led to correcting and illuminating many assumptions about the genre. He is an invited member of UNESCO's CID group, whose goal is to preserve dance forms from around the world. Additionally, Fernando is an innovator whose compositions reveal the "melody" that is inherent in Spanish literature and poetry. His compositions and performances have uniquely  encompassed the connections between Cervantes and Shakespeare, as well as between Federico Garcia Lorca and Leonard Cohen.

Drawing inspiration from years spent in Malaga, and in Madrid where he has worked with the finest of Spain's singers, dancers and musicians, his special technical skills combined with an exciting musical temperament have earned Carlos Lomas  the respect and admiration of flamenco guitarists around the world.  A superb presenter of flamenco, Carlos Lomas employs a precision of technique combined with the fresh harmonies and complex syncopations of the traditional Spanish structures.  This artistic relationship is the vital key in Carlos Lomas' playing.  He has exceptional skill and is a dynamic inventive musician whose artistry and magnetism have an astounding impact on his listeners.  In addition to his remarkable inventiveness, Carlos Lomas plays with an inherent respect for the emotional and cultural heritages of traditional flamenco forms.

David Bryant has been a drummer and percussionist as long as he can remember. He’s played and recorded with Carlos Santana, Ornette Coleman, Al MacDowell, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Douglas, Babatundi Olatunji, The Holmes Brothers, Pinetop Perkins, Lawson Rollins, Buckethead and Ottmar Liebert, with whom he cut eight albums, including the gold albums Borrasca, Hours Between Night and Day and Poets and Angels and the platinum record Solo Para Ti. "I’ve learned the language of rhythm from African, Brazilian, Cuban, funk, reggae and jazz musicians. Those experiences reinforced my feeling that music is a spiritual force. I play with one foot in the spirit world and one in the material world."