Cira Crowell - 108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra

Monday, June 29, 2015 - 6:00pm

108 Visions: A Conversation about Books, Photography, and Art​

Photographer and visual artist Cira Crowell introduces the story and concept behind 108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra, a collection of 108 luminous black and white photographs made during a journey to Ladakh, India, in the summer of 2013.  Ladakh is a high remote Himalayan kingdom that is now Northwestern India, an oasis of peace and ancient culture that is bordered by Chinese Occupied Tibet and Pakistani Occupied Kashmir.  In July 2013, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, performed the ancient Kalackahra, “Wheel of Time” ceremony for 150,000 ethnic Tibetans.  There were approximately 4,000 non-Tibetans, people from all over the world, also in attendance.  The ceremony was an intense cultural experience and Ladakh proved to be a mystical, majestic setting.  The book 108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra reveals sights from the Kalachakra ceremony, festivals, monasteries, fortresses, high desert landscape, fascinating people and villages of Ladakh. 

Michael Motley will offer a designers’ perspective on the aesthetics and storytelling aspects addressed in producing 108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra.

Crowell and Motley will engage in a conversation that focuses on particular images, technical questions on the making of the images and specifics about the journey.

The program will conclude with a reading of three line poems that accompany the images by Cira Crowell, with projections of corresponding photographs, followed by a brief Q&A.

SIGNED COPIES OF THE BOOK FOR SALE AFTER THE PRESENTATION; Copies of the Photographs can also be available for purchase. 

Cira Crowell’s highly refined aesthetic transcends the boundaries between inner vision and the visible world to offer a multi-media experience of the web of light that connects all. Detailed illustrations of inner light are the core of Crowell's work and provide inspiration for her 3d motion graphic animations. Projecting illustrations brings them into the visible world in the form of minimalist “lumenography” in the studio and lush "lumengrafitti" on the streets from Iceland to India. Cira's extensive travel and documentary work offers a luminous international perspective on the light that illuminates life at every level and location.