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The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson


The Seed Keeper tells the story of Rosalie Iron Wing, a Dakhota woman who, upon the death of her husband, leaves the farm where she spent the years of her marriage and returns to the remote cabin where her father raised her. As she seeks healing from the tragedies of her life, she begins to feel more deeply her connection to her family and to her ancestral land. This novel is told in a stunning alternation between flashbacks and present events, and touches on the lives of four generations of Rosalie’s family. Through haunting and lyrical language, Wilson weaves a tale of grief and displacement, but also of redemption, resolve, and hope. Rosalie’s story will inspire you.


Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert


This utterly hilarious romantic comedy builds on an already stellar series, and frankly, takes the cake. Never fear, you don’t have to read the first two to enjoy this wonderful book. Eve Brown has a lot of problems when it comes to holding down a job or running her own business. What’s the point when you’ve got a trust fund, right? When Eve’s parents deliver an ultimatum, she has to figure out what the heck she’s going to do. That’s when she runs into Jacob Wayne (literally), and gets drawn onto his BnB staff almost by accident. With each breathless moment and amusing hiccup, this enemies to lovers story is sure to charm you with its wit, its gaiety, and its deliciously smutty smut, and will be the perfect book to have along when you finally hit the pool or the beach after a long wait! Your heart will soar.


Sia Martinez & the Moonlit Beginning of Everything by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland


When I finished this incredible book for teens, I turned around and read it again. Sia Martinez lives in an Arizona border town with her father, still dealing with the grief and anger and frustration of losing her mother, who disappeared in the Sonoran Desert trying to cross back into the United States following her deportation by ICE. Each new moon, Sia goes out into the desert and lights candles for her mom to guide her home in the dark. Her life changes forever when her mother--and a whole lot else--find her out there in the dark. What is so lovely about this book is how honestly and tenderly it presents the issue of family separation and the trauma caused by ICE. Sia is a teenager, but she is a beautiful character--fiery and hilarious and profound. Come for the characters, who are insanely lovable (or villainous) and stay for the plot, which is a wild ride. 


What Should Be Wild by Julia Fine


With this, her debut novel, Julie Fine has created a gorgeous, feminist fairytale that has remained one of my favorite novels since I first read it. Main character Maisie has the alarming distinction of being unable to touch anything that is alive or was once alive, for she holds the power to kill or resurrect with a single touch. Treated more as a science experiment than a child by her father, she grows up lonely on her family’s estate--passed through the female line--and the wilds that surround it. Family legend tells of numerous women over the years who have disappeared on the grounds, adding layer upon layer of mystery and romance to this modern gothic tale. As Maisie grows, so does her desire to answer the questions surrounding her family and her own strange existence. Ultimately a story of a girl who must find her courage and save herself, this novel was so beautiful in parts that I read much of it aloud to myself in order to savor the words, and kept a pencil nearby to mark my favorite passages. 


Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano


This book was a surprise and a delight. Finlay Donovan is divorcing her philandering husband and struggling to make ends meet. A struggling writer, she’s way behind on deadline for her next book and having trouble coming up with a sellable story. Bills are coming due, and she’s not sure where to turn. When a woman overhears and misunderstands a conversation between Finlay and her agent and offers her $50,000 to kill her evil husband, Finlay insists that she will do no such thing. But $50,000 is a lot of money, and Finlay may not be able to walk away so easily. What follows is such a hilarious comedy of errors that it’s a challenge for the reader to put it down at all. Part murder mystery, part romance, and all entirely delightful, this book kept me on my toes and made me wish I could finish it in one sitting. The icing on the cake of this novel is Finlay’s nanny turned friend and assistant in her new “contract killing” business. Readers will absolutely love this novel.


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