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We are located on the corner at 202 Galisteo St. in downtown Santa Fe.

Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse is open:

8 am to 6 pm Monday-Saturday

10am to 6pm on Sunday 

When we host an event we are open until 8 pm.

Between the hours of 8am-10am on Sunday, Sunday newspapers will be available for purchase at the Iconik Coffee Shop, open and accessible through the Water St. parking lot patio doors.

Iconik Coffee, closes at 6 pm every night.

For special orders and/or general inquiries please call:



Dorothy Massey


Requests for author events; press/media inquiries, please contact: 

Cecile Lipworth

Reserved seats for an event may be made by pre-purchase of the featured book. If you are unable to attend an event but would like a signed or inscribed copy of a book, or for further information, please call (505) 988-4226