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Our talented and attentive team of booksellers look forward to helping you find that perfect page-turner! We are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Sunday. Come in, browse, and enjoy a cup of coffee!


Signed Copies: Our local authors are always happy to sign books, and Collected Works Bookstore is pleased to offer several signed editions of your favorite books by your favorite authors.  Signed copies come at no extra charge and are ideal for the true fan and as a once-in-a-lifetime gift. You may order signed editions by calling 505-988-4226, or if ordering online, please make a note in final stage of the ordering process by writing SIGNED COPY in the order comments box. Please note, we may not have a signed copy of the book by the author you're looking for, and there may be a waiting period before they can come in and sign a book for you. We often have signed copies of books by, amongst others, Anne Hillerman, Cormack McCarthy, Hampton Sides, Douglas Preston, M. Scott Momaday, Pam Houston, Michael McGarrity, and many more.

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