The Walk (Hardcover)

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Set, like "River of Traps, " on a small farm in a New Mexican mountain valley that the author has tended since 1977, "The Walk" explores the illuminating ways in which personal and natural history interweave in a familiar environment. A kind of love story about a landscape, the book consists of three interrelated essays The Walk, Geranium, and Paradiso. These pieces move from a period of strife and conflict in the author's life to a place of limbo, to a place of peace or, as the author says from inferno to purgatorio, and finally to paradiso. DeBuys takes the same walk each morning, through the woods near his farm, and arrives at a clarity that comes from observing life carefully from the same vantage point for years. DeBuys, one of the country's premier nature writers, is revered for his compassionate, clarifying prose. "The Walk" only reinforces that reputation.
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ISBN: 9781595340276
Publisher: Trinity University Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2007
Pages: 176